BM14200 Roller Brake Tester

A roller brake tester is used for testing commercial vehicles and is widely used for ATF test lanes around the UK. These brake testers allow for the testing light and heavy vehicles.

The BM14200 roller brake tester is ideal for light and heavy vehicles with an axle load up to 20.000 kg, is built to withstand a high daily throughput of vehicles and has one of the strongest designs in the market.

It complies with the ISO standard and has been approved by several international authorities like RWTÜV Germany and is designed for workshop and vehicle inspection applications.

There is a very high standard of design both in terms of quality and safety of the BM14200. It is supplied with hot galvanised sub-frames which are concreted into the ground before the brake tester itself is installed. There is an integral motorised gear box, two main rollers and a spring loaded sensor roller, all placed within the galvanised steel frame and the wear surface of rollers is based on mesh steel ensuring longevity and accuracy.

There is also a cover plate design around the roller area with angles to minimise potential tyre damage and rogue spaces are kept to a minimum to protect operational staff and an optional split bed installation over an inspection pit.

It can be supplied in a minimum configuration and still allows for later upgrade to all options. This means that in case the customer wants to upgrade at a later date to a higher spec perhaps as a result of new legislation for example, then another brake tester will not need to be purchased.

The BM14200 is suitable for outdoor installation in environment from – 30 °C – 60 ° Celsius and humidity up to 95.

The BM14200 roller brake tester comes complete with:

  • Infrared remote control with an operating distance of 15-25 metres
  • Large and easy-to-read aluminium display with analogue and digital readout of all relevant test data
  • Integrated guiding system
  • Large analogue dials showing readings of left and right brake forces
  • 65 mm high bright digital readouts of other measurement results
  • Modularly designed so that it can be customised to existing and future demands
  • Display units are available in daN, kgf or kN
  • IT system using latest app technology for smartphone and tablet (Windows and Android)
  • Large chain wheels reduce required maintenance of chains and increases the life of gears, motors and other components
  • Service line and cylinder air pressure measurement
  • Test of 4×4, 6×4, and 8×6 driven vehicles
  • Diagnostic printout Connection to PC/Notebook with BM windows software
  • Axle Load Simulation
  • Chassis Load Simulation

The BM14200 is supplied with a special Windows based BM display, which has large analogue readings of brake force left and right, 65 mm high bright digital readout of other measurement results and an integrated guide system, which continuously informs the operator of the status of the brake tester status and also how many axles has been tested.

The display can be mounted either on the wall, saving floor space, or on floor column devices, that are designed so equipment is protected even when floor is cleaned with chemicals. It can also be mounted on a trolley making it easy to move around.

The BM14200 software allows for advanced graphical printout enabling the customer to perform both pre inspection brake tests and diagnosing before repair brake tests.

It can be configured both with a conventional Axle load simulation system from 8 to 12 ton and also a more advanced Chassis Load Simulation system, CLS up to 30 Ton.

A variation of advanced Windows Software programs can be supplied with the BM14200. This includes Windows programs for advance storing and presentation of test results using SQL database technology to the BM FlexCheck system, which allows for data capture of a complete vehicle inspection lane.

There is an array of options for customised configuration that suits most customer requirements including:

  • Optional cable or radio pedal force meter
  • Heating package for outdoor installation
  • Optional axle load simulation
  • Optional chassis load simulation
  • Connection of up to 3 displays
  • Optional cable or radio air/hydraulic pressure system

The BM14200 brake tester is used in regular workshops performing repairs of both light and heavy vehicles It is the preferred model by some vehicle inspection bodies, due to it’s customisable configuration to cater for very high throughput and continuous handling of tests of full laden axles.

It can be installed both indoor and outdoor in most environments and used by various authorities at motorway lay-by stations as part of enforcement schemes and has been selected by some of the most prestigious vehicle inspection companies worldwide

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Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor

Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor

The gearbox and motor are not only the most important but have the highest expenditure behind a commercial brake testing system. Our system includes 15kw motor and gearbox which run the duplex chain on the commercial brake tester which generates the speed for the rollers required to test the braking system.
PC Controlled & Tablet Operated

PC Controlled & Tablet Operated

The brake tester is PC controlled using the Latest DVSA software to calculate pass and fail percentages. The brake tester also comes with a tablet which is controlled in cab by the operator allowing an effective one-man test.
8 Weight Cells

8 Weight Cells

Unlike other commercial brake tester our system uses 8 dynamic weight cells to calculate axle loads of vehicles and to work with the DVSA software to calculate bind and pass / fail result. The 8 weight cells allow ultimate precision during the weighing process to ensure the most accurate results.


Allowing a vehicle to be tested in drive on or reverse on direction this allows a commercial brake tester to be used in even the smallest of spaces.
Soft-Start Operation

Soft-Start Operation

The Everquip commercial brake tester runs a soft start motor which enables the rollers to start up softly putting less pressure on the gearbox and motor.
Roller brake locking

Roller brake locking

Allowing you to drive the vehicle out of the brake tester safely first time, every time.
TUV Nord & CE Approved

TUV Nord & CE Approved

Quality control and reliability are essential when considering capital investment.
20,000kgs Axle Load

20,000kgs Axle Load

Choosing a brake tester with an axle load of 20,000kgs means you have the capability of testing most vehicles including; HGV’s, PSV’s, Busses, Coaches, Cranes and Heavy Duty Plant Equipment.
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