BM20200 Mobile Brake Tester

A mobile brake tester is a vital piece of equipment used to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and that the vehicle’s braking system will not fail.

The BM20200 is a highly accurate and reliable mobile brake tester that is designed for use on light and heavy commercial vehicles with an axle load of up to 20,000 kg. It features all of the same options that are included on an in-ground brake tester, making it an ideal choice for those who need a portable option that is still fully featured and approved by the DVSA, the Garage Equipment Association, and VOSA.

It is a top of the line brake tester that is equipped with the same software and electronics as the BM Autoteknik in-ground brake testers. This allows for the same high standard of data processing that you have come to expect from the BM Autoteknik brand and makes it an ideal choice for professional mechanics who need a reliable and accurate brake tester.

The BM20200 can be used in conjunction with BM52000 mobile play detectors. Even better, it comes with a built in VDO tachograph, making it perfect for use in an ATF test lane concept on-ground.

You can also opt for the optional clock display, which is normally mounted on a mobile display stand. This way, you can easily keep track of time while you’re transporting your play detector. And if you prefer a more permanent installation, the BM20200 is also available in wall-mounted or floor-mounted versions.

The BM20200 is the perfect brake tester for any workshop floor. With its simple design, it can be placed and used directly on the floor without any civil groundworks. The lead-up ramps are folded down and the display is placed on a mobile device in front of the brake tester. It takes less than 5 minutes to make the BM20200 operational.

It is highly mobile, meaning it can be used in multiple places and stored away easily when not in use. The weight of BM20200 is only 1200 kg and when placed on wheels, one person is able to pull the brake tester around.

The BM20200 mobile brake tester comes complete with:

  • Print out facility with in-depth diagnosis
  • Large mobile display
  • Infrared remote control
  • Automatic print out on test completion

Key features include:

  • Class 4 & 7 testing
  • Commercial vehicle testing
  • Withstands up to 20 tonnes per axle
  • Suitability for applied handbrake test
  • Galvanised hot-dipped roller beds, with special grit for extra long life
  • Suitablity for indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy duty gearboxes, motors and motor brakes
  • No expensive ground-works needed

The BM20200 has a wide variety of applications. It is a versatile and essential tool for any workshop that repairs and tests light and heavy commercial vehicles. With its easy placement on the floor, indoors or outdoors, the BM20200 is perfect for any repair or testing need.

Additionally, its low weight and height make it ideal for use in conjunction with road side inspections.

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Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor

Heavy Duty Gearbox and Motor

The gearbox and motor are not only the most important but have the highest expenditure behind a commercial brake testing system. Our system includes 15kw motor and gearbox which run the duplex chain on the commercial brake tester which generates the speed for the rollers required to test the braking system.
PC Controlled & Tablet Operated

PC Controlled & Tablet Operated

The brake tester is PC controlled using the Latest DVSA software to calculate pass and fail percentages. The brake tester also comes with a tablet which is controlled in cab by the operator allowing an effective one-man test.
8 Weight Cells

8 Weight Cells

Unlike other commercial brake tester our system uses 8 dynamic weight cells to calculate axle loads of vehicles and to work with the DVSA software to calculate bind and pass / fail result. The 8 weight cells allow ultimate precision during the weighing process to ensure the most accurate results.


Allowing a vehicle to be tested in drive on or reverse on direction this allows a commercial brake tester to be used in even the smallest of spaces.
Soft-Start Operation

Soft-Start Operation

The Everquip commercial brake tester runs a soft start motor which enables the rollers to start up softly putting less pressure on the gearbox and motor.
Roller brake locking

Roller brake locking

Allowing you to drive the vehicle out of the brake tester safely first time, every time.
TUV Nord & CE Approved

TUV Nord & CE Approved

Quality control and reliability are essential when considering capital investment.
20,000kgs Axle Load

20,000kgs Axle Load

Choosing a brake tester with an axle load of 20,000kgs means you have the capability of testing most vehicles including; HGV’s, PSV’s, Busses, Coaches, Cranes and Heavy Duty Plant Equipment.
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