New Criteria for DVSA Authorised Testing Facilities and ADR Bays

Back in 2018, DVSA put a hold on opening new Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) and ADR bays, preventing anyone from setting up new testing bays for dangerous goods vehicles. The reason for this hold was to focus their efforts on supporting the existing facilities across the country.

In late 2021, news broke that the DVSA are now considering new applications for ATF and ADR testing bays. With strict criteria in place for commercial garages to open a testing lane, DVSA have specific requirements that must be satisfied before awarding this status to the lane.

For anyone considering adding this offering to their workshops, the following information should help explain the guidance and what you need to consider if you choose to invest in gaining approval to open a new DVSA ADR bay in 2022.

New Criteria For DVSA ADR Bays

New applications for ATF testing and ADR bays will now be approved, providing they meet one of the following requirements:

  • a move of premises for an existing site – but it must be in the same local area
  • in Orkney or the mainland Scottish Highlands due to a substantial shortage in testing bays in the area
  • in the south of England, and can test laden dangerous goods vehicles such as petrol tankers (red sites only)
  • able to show that the new site will significantly improve the service to heavy vehicle operators in that area – you should include all the possible efficiency benefits of your proposed site when you apply

What Is A Red Site?

At Everquip we receive requests from clients looking to open sites which meet ‘red site’ standards. ‘Red site’ refer to an ATF testing lane which has the capability of testing ADR vehicles without the need for them to be purged. They are also known as dangerous goods ATF test sites, and any vehicle which is in product must go to these dedicated facilities.

To open a red site ADR bay, there are several factors you must consider to gain approval:

  • The building / dedicated lane in which is to be used for testing, including extraction, lighting, and wash centre.
  • Equipment for testing including specific ADR Pit and ADR compliant zone 1 brake tester.
  • All electrical equipment to be housed in an office with lobby area

How Can Everquip Help?

Everquip manufacture inspection pits that are designed specifically to meet all the required criteria to offer a dedicated ADR bay. These are fitted as standard with fume extraction with manifold to run to an extraction fan which is zone 1 rated. They also have zone 1 LED lights, and the sump is removed to ensure there is no entrapment of fumes.

Everquip also offer commercial brake testers which are in line with zone 1 requirements, including:

  • spark-proof motors
  • electromagnetic braked motors (rather than mechanical)
  • galvanised subframe and chassis including cooling fan and fume extraction duct to run to an extraction fan (zone 1 rated)

In the zone 2 office area, we will fit wheel play detector pump units and include a zone 1 torch, galvanised plates and subframe. Every ADR testing site is subject to a full risk assessment depending on the building layout and vehicles being tested.

If this is an area you are currently considering, or if you are simply looking for advice or more information about DVSA ADR bays, please contact our specialist team who will be happy to answer questions and assist you in this process.

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