Breakeven on Brake Testing Equipment

A commercial brake tester is a capital expenditure, but how smart is that investment?

Depending on the business model you’re running, it can prove to be a shrewd piece of business. Not only does a commercial brake tester ensure you are ensuring your vehicles are running safely but it also comes with finically incentives.

If you are an operator looking at investing in a brake tester, your financial implications of not owning a brake tester can include:

  • Loss of vehicle earnings
  • Loss of fuel
  • Wages of driver running to another brake test facility
  • Loss of flexibility

Vehicle repair workshops – can you afford not to invest in a brake tester? Below some examples of where you’re losing money.

  • Loss of revenue – if it takes you 4 hours to go and brake test a vehicle, it can be hard to charge a customer for this.
  • Loss of flexibility – if you have to wait for a local test lane to have a slot, this can cause you standing time.
  • Not being able to offer a one stop shop – what operator wants to take their vehicle to one place for a service and another for a brake test?
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