Commercial Brake Tester vs Mobile Brake Tester

Commercial brake testers are used in DVSA ATF test lanes and also by operators and vehicle repair workshops to check braking systems during the PMI checks.

So, you’ve decided you need a brake tester – or if you’re wondering if you should invest; check out our ‘breakeven brake tester blog’. 

But what should you choose – an inground brake tester or mobile brake tester?

Benefits to the mobile and inground versions of brake testers slightly overlap and depending on specific requirements depends on what’s best for you!

Below are examples of when a mobile brake tester would work best for your company:

  • Multiple testing locations – do you run out of various depots and don’t want to invest in more than one brake tester? The mobile brake tester is designed for moving and is easy to pick up with a forklift to be transported to another site.
  • Saving on civil works – civil works can sometimes cause issues if for example you are renting your maintenance unit, it’s difficult to recoup groundworks costs from Landlords and sometimes difficult to get permission.
  • Low Height – designed with the workshop in mind.
  • No relocation costs – plans to move workshops? No costly groundwork’s to redo.

Inground Commercial Brake Tester can be beneficial for:

  • Space Saving – the profile of the inground commercial brake tester is sunk in the floor meaning the testing length isn’t as wide as the mobile brake tester.
  • Increased Roller Size – allowing for a better grip while brake testing.
  • Steel Sub-Frame – the subframe is concreted into the ground, allowing for the brake tester to be removed easily.
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