Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts

A 4-post lift, or vehicle lift, is used to raise and support a vehicle, such as a car, truck, or SUV. The posts, or columns, are typically made of steel and are positioned at each corner of the lift and usually has a platform or runways that extend out from the posts to allow the vehicle to be driven onto the platform.

Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
  • Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts
Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts

Our 4-post lifts feature a unique design that eliminates longitudinal welds for increased durability and easy maintenance. The electro-hydraulic lifting system utilises a special double piston cylinder for smooth and precise lifting. The patented platform locking system is operated automatically by electromagnets for secure locking of the vehicle.

Additional safety features include a “slack cable” safety lock, which activates in the event of a cable snap/breakage, and a hydraulic cylinder with control valve for lowering speed. The lift also features a safety valve against overpressure of the hydraulic system, and a motor with thermal overload detector against overheating.

The lift’s pushbuttons are 24V, type “dead man” with separate UP & DOWN buttons and an ON/OFF switch that can be locked by a padlock, for added security. The smooth platforms provide a comfortable and stable surface for the vehicle, and the upper height limit switch ensures that the lift cannot be raised too high. The automatic release of safety wedges by pushing the DOWN button makes the release process easy and safe.

Our 4-post lift is also equipped with an international patent on safety and lifting system and doesn’t require compressed air to operate the locks. With all these features, our 4-post lift is a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of lifting needs, making it the perfect choice for any garage or workshop.

Our 4 Post Lifts range from 8 -30 ton capacity

  • European Design
  • Family Owned
  • Active Member EGEA Association
  • Made In Spain with engineering since 1950 (Powered by Istobal)
  • Exported to over 40 Countries

These vehicle lifts are manufactured 100% in Spain, with a superb quality, and supplied to more than 40 countries.

4ED1700 4ED0700N 4ED0760 4ED0800 ESP00033
Load Capacity: 8 Tn 12 Tn 16 Tn 25 Tn 30 Tn
Platform Lengths: 6220 mm 6220 mm 8000 mm 8000 mm 8000 mm
Platform Widths: 710 mm 710 mm 810 mm 810 mm 810 mm
Widths Between Columns: 3265 mm 3265 mm 3500 mm 3500 mm 3500 mm
Distance Between Platforms: 780 -1550 mm 780 -1550 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Minimum Height: 220 mm 220 mm 240 mm 240 mm 240 mm
Lifting Height: 1600 mm 1600 mm 1540 mm 1540 mm 1540 mm
Lifting Time: 65″ 65″ 90″ 90″ 90″
Overall Length: 7150 mm 7150 mm 9576 mm 9576 mm 9576 mm
Overall Width: 3735 mm 3735 mm 4269 mm 4269 mm 4269 mm
Motor: 3 Phase 230/400 V 50/60 Hz. 3KW 3 Phase 230/400 V 50/60 Hz. 3KW 3 Phase 230/400 V 50 Hz. 5.5KW 3 Phase 230/400 V 50 Hz. 5.5KW 3 Phase 230/400 V 50 Hz. 5.5KW


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Finkbeiner Columns

Finkbeiner Columns

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Wireless operation via radio control

Innovative design of columns without longitudinal welds

Adjustable forks

Patented platform locking system operated automatically by electromagnets

Hydraulic operation with ratchet system

Hydraulic cylinder with control valve of lowering speed

German manufactured using soft-start operation

Motor equipped with thermal overload detector against overheating

Independent battery drive – to work several days without recharging

Smooth platforms

10m cable for charging 230v – easy to connect

Upper height limit switch

LCD display with simple operation and easy to move by one person

International patent on safety and lifting system

Accurate and smooth synchronisation

No compressed air required to operate locks

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Everquip Garage Equipment Limited were formed in 1995, we can supply the expertise to design, install and supply the after sales care to your Vehicle Maintenance Unit. From our range of Pre-Fabricated Steel Inspection Pits to the very best Commercial Garage Equipment, we supply a full range of capital equipment from Air Compressors, Commercial Roller Brake Tester and Mobile Column Lifts. We offer full consultancy and design for your new or existing VMU.

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…The attention to detail was first class from the beginning to the end of the job. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all staff at Everquip for the extremely smooth operation and attention to detail, and would not hesitate in recommending Everquip to future prospective clients."

Ralph Douglas
Buyer, Scottish Borders Council

Your staff have been punctual, friendly and extremely professional in carrying out their work. They have done an excellent job."

Dave Cass
Proprietor, M&D Travel

Our Services Department and Engineers are very pleased not only with the installation but with the obvious benefits as opposed to a conventional concrete pit. May I also commend your Company on the installation of all of the new garage equipment fitted within the Workshop. "

Duncan J Lambert
Services Manager, Rix Petroleum Limited

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His favourite daughter though is his beloved Mabel, an 18 month old Boxer dog

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Lyndon has been part of Everquip for over 30 years, Lyndon is a huge aviation fan, married to Julie, he has two children Krissy 25 and Joe 21 (Joe also works at Everquip as a Welder Fabricator)

Lyndon is currently restoring a Canberra cockpit to original specification

Carl Crisp, Installation Director

Carl is the longest serving of the three with 37 years service at Everquip

Carl is engaged to Jane who works within the company and has one daughter Danielle who is 27. Carls life motto is “We arnt here for a long time, we are here for a good time”


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