Finkbeiner Columns

Customer Requirement

Arriva Bus London have 14 garages across the capital and service and inspect a fleet of 2500 vehicles. As well as using Inspection Pits they relied heavily on Electro Mechanical Mobile Column Lifts for the service of their Buses, these lifts where powered by 3 Phase 415 V supply and each column has an antiquated 2.2kw electro mechanical drive system.

These lifts were becoming increasingly inefficient, unreliable and very expensive to maintain and power. Arriva London approach us for a solution

Arriva Group London Case Study
Arriva Group London Case Study

Everquip Response

Working with the Arriva Engineering team we recommended our range of Finkbeiner electro hydraulic wireless mobile column lifts. The columns are completely wireless with no cable connections between the columns with a lifting capacity of 7500kgs each with a total SWL 30000kgs for a set of four, each column is powered on a 24V rechargeable battery and the unit is electro hydraulic with a single lifting ram, a very simple and cost effective solution.

The Finkbeiner column lifts are especially cost effective to run, one simple charge once a week will power the lifts for up to five 8hr shifts.

Everquip also supplied a comprehensive three year service and warranty package to Arriva London as per of their capital investment.

The Outcome

Keith Norman of Arriva London said “we are extremely pleased with the overall quality and ease of use of the mobile columns. The operation is more productive and with no cables or wires it makes the housekeeping a lot easier as well reducing the risk of trips on the old wired lifts”

Everquip Heavy Axle Stands manufactured by Everquip are rated at 8200kgs and are powder coated for long lasting durability. 

Arriva Group London Case Study
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